American Made Heaters Since 1958

Since 1958 King has been the premier North American manufacture of smart heating solutions

KB ECO2S 2 Stage Electronic Garage Heater

KB ECO2S 2 Stage Garage Heater Simply Works Better

ATMOZ WIFI Connected Thermostats

Comfort Control In The Palm Of Your Hands with ATMOZ WIFI

Pic-A-Watt Multi-Wattage Family of Heaters

Heaters that tailor to a room's specific heating requirements

Snow Melting Heating Cables

Sit back and relax and never shovel your driveway again

TwistAir KTW Cove Heater

The only Kickspace heater designed for either horizontal or vertical installations

KCV Cove Heater

Space saving Cove Heaters replace Baseboard Heaters. Warmth From Above.

King Electric Floor Heating Cable Solutions

Installation How-To